Translation Specialties

I specialize in literature, academic, business, legal, medical, and marketing, and I can handle other fields too.

My working domains include anthropology, accounting, cinema/film, computers, cooking/culinary, finance, human resources, journalism, linguistics, literature (mainly from English to Brazilian Portuguese), and telecommunications.

Professional Profiles


Fast, Accurate & Reliable Services

Whether you hire me as a translator, editor, proofreader, or copywriter, you will get nothing but fast and accurate solutions on which you can rely!

Quality Assurance

Every translation or piece of writing goes through a systematic self-revision process to ensure accuracy, readability, and compliance with the client’s expectations/requirements. I have a Quality Assurance process in place, consisting of seven steps:

1) source-text is read once for full comprehension;
2) reference materials (e.g. technical dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) are used as needed;
3) text is translated by me, taking into account the language, tone (formal vs informal), purpose, and intended audience;
4) qualified consultants assist in the process when difficulties may arise;
5) translation is reviewed / proofread for punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar accuracy;
6) changes are made; translation goes through review as many times as needed; and
7) document is fine-tuned until completion.

Fast Turnaround

You have my commitment that services will be delivered within the specified deadline; otherwise, you don’t have to pay. That’s part of my 100% on-time delivery guarantee.


When translating, I rely on my professional expertise, years of experience, and loads of reference materials such as specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, web research, peer assistance, and more. The correlation is simple: reliable sources in the hands of a competent translator means a reliable translation!

Privacy Protection

I totally respect your privacy. All documents you trust me will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality. Original documents – and their translations – are never shared with anyone. All translations are done by me and not by middlemen!