— Mariza, translated by Oliver Simões


The ordinary things in life
Don’t leave a sense of longing
Only the memories that hurt
Or make us smile

There are people who stay with us
For they are a part of our story
And there are those whose names
We can’t even remember

There are emotions that give life
To this longing of mine
Those I had with you
And just ended up losing

There are days that mark the soul
And this life of ours
That day when you left me
I cannot forget

The rain was soaking
My frozen, tired face
The streets of the town
On which I had wandered

My cry of lost girl
Shouted out to the town
That the fire of love
Had just died out in the rain

And the rain heard it and kept quiet
My secret from the town
And then it hit the glass window
Bringing back that sense of longing