Portuguese translator, interpreter, and moreLooking for a qualified English to Portuguese translator or vice versa? Welcome to my translation website! I offer affordable and speedy services in:

  • Translation,
  • Revision,
  • Proofreading (light revision),
  • Copywriting, and
  • Interpretation (on a limited basis).

Experience you can trust. I’m skilled in many areas, including literature, business, and law (my specialties), in addition to medicine and marketing. I have a Master of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting, so you can trust my work.

I’ve been translating for over 20 years, working with businesses, organizations, and people in Brazil and the United States. One of my big projects is making an English-Portuguese dictionary of idioms, proverbs, and sayings. I’ve also translated six books, two of them poetry. Check out these samples of my work.

Master Portuguese Translator warranty seal Quality assurance. As an English to Portuguese translator, I always try my best to make sure my work is top quality and that you’re happy with it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! I promise to deliver all work on time and keep your information private. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at +1-520-222-9385 or send me an email.

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Testimonials about Master Portuguese Translator

“Oliver worked with us on a large project for a major client, and demonstrated outstanding professional quality, and a willingness to be flexible where the job necessitated it.” – Verboo, UK

“… excellent and consummately professional.” – Joseph Duarte, Attorney-at-Law

Check out my translated books:

A Whisper in the Wind book cover
A Whisper in the Wind (Digital)
The Greenness of Springtime book cover
The Greenness of Springtime (D)
The Greenness of Springtime (P)
Herdeiro de Manhattan book cover
Herdeiro de Manhattan (D)
Herdeiro de Manhattan (P)
Clube dos Cavalheiros - volume 1 - book cover
Clube dos Cavalheiros Vol. 1 (D)
Clube dos Cavalheiros Vol. 1-3 (P)
Clube dos Cavalheiros - volume 2 - book cover
Clube dos Cavalheiros Vol. 2 (D)
Clube dos Cavalheiros - volume 3 - book cover
Clube dos Cavalheiros Vol. 3 (D)